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July 18, 2011
posted by Tia in Learning

Who knew that building a blog could be such an education in and of itself? I’ve learned so many things about myself as I’ve been setting up Homemade Learning. Here’s a few:

I am not a very creative person! This manifested itself in two different ways. The first was when my web designer asked me what I wanted my blog to look like, and I had no idea. So he had me look over several different design ideas and design elements so that I could point out things that I liked. Good thing I have an incredible web designer! (His link is at the bottom of my page!!) Once I had made a few suggestions of things that seemed to fit, he got right to it and came up with exactly what I wanted.

The second manifestation of my lack of creative juices was while I was looking at design elements with him. I realized that I was steering away from any elements that looked too…creative. Too artsy. Why? Because it seemed that would be misleading. I want for my blog to be thoughtful, inspirational, deep, challenging and practical, yes! I hope so. But chances are that it won’t be very¬†creative…because in general, I’m not.

I don’t know, that doesn’t sound right. Maybe creative is the wrong word. I’m not artsy; perhaps that works a little better. Let’s just say that this won’t be your one-stop-shop for this week’s amazing craft idea or imaginative jaunt through Never-Neverland!

Other things that I learned:

I really, really like purple.

I overanalyze everything. Beginnings are hard for me. It’s taken me months to get past writing an About Me page and my first blog post. (What is the world is the “right” thing to write for a first post, anyway?)

In finding fake web names to use for my children, my oldest daughter was by far the most difficult to come up with a suitable name for.

I’m not frilly or showy; instead, I love real beauty, symmetry, and a sense of order.

One neat thing that I realized was that I couldn’t find another blog that looked just the same way that I wanted mine to look. Perhaps that is a sign that the writing I plan for this blog will be original as well. I absolutely love the way that it turned out design-wise, and I feel hopeful that, in the same way, my writing here will be a worthy voice in some peoples’ lives and educations.

I get overly self-conscious about my writing when I’m doing it for others’ eyes. But perhaps we are all that way when we haven’t practiced enough. My husband tells me, “Just pretend like you’re writing in your journal.” Hmmm. Maybe I can do that. Then maybe eventually this blog will evolve into what I’ve dreamed that it would be.

Creative-less-ness and all!

What are some quirky things that you have learned about yourself recently?

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