October, 2011

Rainbow Moments

October 6, 2011
posted by Tia in Learning

There are as many unique and complex reasons to homeschool, I suppose, as there are parents doing it.

I love homeschooling. It is a family lifestyle that I have just fallen in love with deeply and endlessly both when I was young, and even more so since I’ve been going that route with my own children. It would probably take me a week to tell you about all of the reasons that I love it, but this is one that I have been pondering about the last few days.

Rainbow Moments.

When a rainbow appears, you didn’t know about it far in advance. You can’t schedule it on the calendar. Those grand, lovely, real rainbows way up in the sky are out of our control. They are unplanned, fleeting, and breathtaking.

It is like that in our families, too. Home is the perfect environment for rainbows. A child’s curiosity is sparked and you run with it. The Spirit whispers something to your hearts, and you teach with it. Large, serious eyes come to you with a question, and you help to answer it. These moments are unplanned, breathtaking, and easy to miss.

The other day, the kids and I were doing our devotional together and something—I couldn’t even tell you what, now—sparked a powerful spiritual conversation. Suddenly I was sharing something very close to my heart, and my children were listening intently, and then I was turning to Doctrine and Covenants 82:3 and teaching them that:

“…Of him unto whom much is given much is required…”

We talked about how very much we have been blessed with, and how the Lord asks us to share those blessings with others, because He loves His other children just as much as He loves us. How we need to do our very best to follow the Lord’s guidance so that we might reach our full potential and use it for His work and glory.

I can’t remember now exactly what I said, or how they responded, or any other particulars. But I do know that the Holy Spirit was with us, teaching me as much as it was directly teaching my children.

It brings to mind a scripture, Isaiah 54:13:

“And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.”

There we were, sitting together, and suddenly there burst upon us a rainbow. We would have missed this particular one if Captain and Vi had been in public school. We would have missed it if we hadn’t been taking the time to read the scriptures together. I don’t need to rush my kids around in order to help them get a good education. Because Home is the perfect environment for rainbows. And having my children taught by the Lord is certainly my primary goal for their education.

Home school is not the only way that rainbows can shine. I hope we all take the chance to spend precious time with our children. But I think when you are homeschooling, you catch them more often than if you were away more.

When did you last see a rainbow?

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