May, 2012

Anatomical Adventures

May 18, 2012
posted by Tia in Living

Just in case any of you have wondered whether I had fallen off the planet, let me assure you that I did not.

I only fell through a lawn chair.

A broken hand makes for a wonderful reason to learn some anatomy. Makes it really hard to type, though. I think I wrote a post about my hand about twenty times in my head, but transferring it to the blog was another matter entirely. Two months after the accident, I have only some advice and a bit of good news.

Advice: Don’t stand on an old, sun-rotted plastic lawn chair in order to reach something on a shelf in the shed. Especially with a cement floor you could fall to if said chair gave way.

Good news: My hand is almost fully functional again. It still is stiff and sore, and it probably won’t ever again be as good as new. But hey – I can type, play the piano, and change diapers once again. What more could a mom want?

Blogging isn’t the only thing in my life that has been neglected recently. I have a lot of catching up and pulling together to do. But I have not forgotten you, dear little blog. There is hope for you yet!

What has your Spring been like?


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